If you’re on this page, I’m going to assume you’re looking to find out more about the person behind the camera! Call me Reyah. I’m a pierced, tattooed, 26-year-old queer Puerto Rican living in the Swamplands of Gainesville, Florida.

A few random facts about me:

I’m from a tiny town in Washington Parish, Louisiana, and I’ve never developed a taste for sweet tea. I’ve lived all over the country due a lot of moving around as a kid, so I can slip into a deeply amusing New Jersey accent, or as Southern a drawl as possible. I spent most of my life as a Gryffindor before being resorted as a Hufflepuff, much to the frustration of my Slytherin bestie.

I really hope you enjoy the photos you see here, and if you decide to let me take yours, I can’t wait to get to know you!