Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Day of Enjoyment

I had the apartment all to myself yesterday. I didn't have to put on pants, and only managed a bra because I had to take the dog outside. (And I do not pass through the threshold to the outdoors without a bra.)

I basically had the perfect atmosphere to get shit done on my book. So instead, I went on Netflix and watched the entirety of The Seven Deadly Sins, an original anime (English Dubbed) that I became weirdly invested in after the first four episodes. (Ban is my baby and no one will take him from me.)

I also made a  new patch for my punk jacket in progress,

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Logically, I know that it was a good idea for me to take a day and just sort of veg and do something I enjoyed for no other reason than because I enjoyed it. But it's hard to not feel like I'm being lazy or neglecting other responsibilities. I should've been working on my book, putting job applications out, cleaning my room, or working out, or whatever the hell else my brain could come up with.

But the fact is that I really enjoyed just taking a day to watch a silly TV show, and playing with paint.

It made me feel good, and that is 100% a valid use of my time.

Feeling guilty about it is a waste.

So, if you've recently fucked off and done other seemingly lazy but fun things instead of being "responsible" and "productive" -- do not feel guilty about it. I'm here to tell you that you probably needed that day.

I know I did.

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