Saturday, April 9, 2016

Book Review: Ancient Magic

Ancient Magic Ancient Magic by Linsey Hall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
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I was initially drawn to this title because of the cover, and I found the summary to be intriguing -- someone with a dragon's soul? That sounds cool.

The story starts off ten years ago, when three young women wake up without their memories. They know only that they are hunted because of what they are. FireSouls are considered dangerous in this world, hunted and despised for their ability (and proclivity) for stealing the magic from other people after killing them.

Reading this book, I did find that there was a level of awkwardness in how the author distributed information. It often felt like an info dump, rather than a natural exchange of information. I did enjoy the camaraderie of the little family the three young women had built, but I don't think the depth of their feelings for each other quite came across as much as the author was trying for. It may be because we don't see the ten years they've spent together, but I still felt as though the bond was sort of contrived?

I did enjoy the story as the book progressed -- and I'm curious to know exactly who is hunting the FireSouls and who Cass & her friends are -- but I felt like the first half of the book was missing something.

I loved the concept of the Origin, a title granted to the one Shifter who can become any creatures (real or mythical) and I found Aidan to be equal parts annoying and endearing. I think the main reason I found him to be annoying is because he so easily falls into the "rich Alpha male with a difficult childhood" trope and I was hoping that he wasn't going to.

Overall, I enjoyed the read, but I do hope that the writing gets tighter and the characters' bonds become more evident in future books.

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