Friday, April 15, 2016

Book Review: Selling Seduction

Selling Seduction Selling Seduction by Allyson Lindt
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Five minutes ago, I finished reading Allyson Lindt's newest title Selling Seduction (Your Ad Here Book #1).

I pre-ordered the title last night when I remembered it was dropping today, since it's my day off and I wanted to enjoy a fun romance.

(Full disclosure: Allyson & I have been friends for a number of years, but my review is totally separate from personal regards)

I'm still grinning over this book. Admittedly, one of my biggest weaknesses in the romance genre is the Best Friend's Big Brother Trope. It doesn't always work well, but Allyson pulled this off beautifully. Right off the bat, you know what's going on, who all the players are, and what kind of issues Mercy and Ian are facing.

There are a few little twists and turns plot-wise that were so perfectly done that I had to stop and gape at my computer screen. I'm at a coffee shop, so I couldn't scream at the computer the loud "WHAT" that I wanted to, but I did immediately send a tweet to Allyson, shouting because I had not expected the plot twist that happened.

The emotions in this book were so vivid and realistic, the obstacles that the heroes were up against felt just as valid as if they were real people. I felt like the dialogue was on point--and I particularly liked the way that Mercy would call Ian out when he would shove his foot down his throat.

Something I realized about halfway through the book was that Mercy is an amazing example of how to do female characters correctly. She's not perfect. She has insecurities, a past that still affects her to this day, she's faking it til she makes it, and she's not any extreme of one thing or another. She capable of being the strong businesswoman without sacrificing who she is for it. She sticks to her guns, even if it hurts.

She's complex and real and I love her.

I am so looking forward to reading the next book, featuring Liz Thompson (Ian's little sister and Mercy's best friend). LEASING LOVE is supposed to be out later this year, and as soon as it's up on Amazon, I will be pre-ordering it.

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