Monday, April 27, 2015

The Acquisition Of A Teething Terror

As per usual, I've neglected productive social media and have spent my last few months primarily on facebook and tumblr when not living life as well as I can.

When last I posted, it was just after bringing Aengus Dog home and cutting my hair. I was about to start a new job--well, if you scroll down, you can read that post in its entirety.

Aengus has been doing really well, despite entering into teething territory. He's destroyed 2 of my phone chargers, 3 computer chargers, numerous shoe soles, and displayed a love of getting into the trash. He's lucky he's still cute.

literally the best crooked smile ever
I've still been writing -- I went through a long period of time where I couldn't access my word document due to the computer I was using dying like a Game Of Thrones character in season 3. Finally managed to retrieve that about 2 months ago, so I've been making significant amounts of progress since then. I'm about halfway through the first draft now.

The job I started in October has officially gone from a temp position to a full timer, so I'm really pleased with that. (I hate job hunting and I like this job.) It's a 9-5 job, Monday through Friday with benefits--I think that means I've achieved the American Dream, right?

This has made it possible for me to do things outside of work, like taking up roller skating with Jenn, though I'm still learning to go forward. (She's taken up roller derby. She's just gotta be a goddamn overachiever, man.)

Writing-wise, though, it's a start and stop process. I've been doing better about it but it's still a challenge to get myself to push through the urge to stop and leave this WIP in the trash bin. I'm right around the part where I usually abandon a project, and I'm fighting that urge tooth and nail. But unfortunately, it means that I tend to slack on actually writing.

Does anyone else have this problem? Also, tell me just how damn cute my dog is.

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