Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Accidental Plotting

I've always been a pantser. I've always gone with the flow with my writing -- wherever it decides to take me is where I go. I struggle with plotting, not because I've never tried, but because I've never understood the techniques that so many writers use.

I've also never finished writing a book.

I'm not saying these two things will correlate for all pantsers (there are plenty of us out there that don't struggle to finish their books.). But for me, I think they do. I have some pretty amazing ideas that I can't seem to follow through on because I can never figure out how it all ties together.

I was talking this over with Jenn recently and she's letting me borrow her copy of Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell, a writing book put out by Writer's Digest. Even just the little bit she told me about the techniques she learned from it gave me some light bulbs over the top of my head.

So I picked up some index cards, and started brain-vomiting plot points on them, stuck them on my wall and now I have something of an actual plot. Trying new things does not always result in the Cone of Shame. 

One other thing that has really helped is Making a pinterest board dedicated to my WIP has been amazing.  I love looking for things -- headcasts are my favorite, honestly -- that fit and help guide my brain into that particular mood. 

Plotting has never been my thing, but's all I think about. Do my readers have any plotting suggestions that may help? How do you get your book rolling? 

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  1. Well obviously we've talked about my favorite plottish things.
    Great post, lady. :3