Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Difference Between Appreciation And Desire

I'm a big fan of romance -- the genre in general, the subplots; the angst, the tension, the love scenes, etc. I've devoured the majority of that section in the library of my home town. Because I love it, I always add that element to my stories; generally with enough kink to make things interesting. But I'm having an issue with my current Work In Progress.

My MC is bisexual. (That's not the issue.) She is surrounded by pretty attractive people, 90% of whom are completely valid possibilities for a romantic relationship of some kind. She's aware of that and pretty happy about it.

I usually go into a story knowing who my character is into, who they would be happy to be with. In this case, it could be anyone. She has chemistry with several characters and I could easily write a love scene for them. She could conceivably end up with Character L, R, or B...maybe even S which would both delight and concern me.

I'm tired of love triangles. They're overdone, played out, and ultimately disappointing. I'm generally the first to yell out, Polyamorous Relationship!!! But in this particular story, it won't work.

And then I realized that she could...just not end up with anyone.

It's completely possible for her to admire someone's attractive qualities and not want to bone them.

It is, in fact, a legit option for her to say, "Yes, R is really really pretty. I appreciate his aesthetic but he's a total bro. I can't bone my bro. We're not Lannisters, here." 

I wish more authors--and readers, as well--would realize that a character can have a superficial attraction to someone and not want to have a sexual or even romantic relationship with them.

Alternatively, let's start bringing in canonical polyamorous relationships into the mainstream! Then no one has to choose!

What an odd concept...

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